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Power and Battery
Test and Monitoring

Distribution Transformer Monitoring

Continuous, meter-grade precision performance monitoring of high-value, mission-critical, high voltage pad mount transformers and conventional pole top transformers.

Circuit Breaker Monitoring

Deliver advanced automated reporting of all critical circuit breaker diagnostics to ensure uptime and facilitate predictive maintenance.

The Optimizer3 is ideal for high-voltage, live or dead-tank, oil, vacuum or gas circuit breakers. 

Battery Monitoring

Wireless Battery Monitoring System (BMS) provides an accurate and reliable indication of battery state-of-health through monitoring and analysis of battery voltage, temperature, and conductance. We also provide solutions for monitoring electrolyte levels.

Battery Testers

Advanced battery testing solutions for mission critical standby power applications.

Fast, user-friendly, premium handheld tester for measuring battery conductance, voltage, temperature and strap resistance in high-noise environments for a complete battery state-of-health analysis.


 Real-time health and performance analytics for the entire utility grid.

Our products empower utilities to monitor their critical assets, analyze risks, and deploy data-driven, proactive maintenance — all to ensure uptime. 

Franklin Grid

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