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SmartPocket V2 OLP-39 TruePON Testers

TruePON Testers for use in G-PON, XGS-PON and hybrid systems.

The VIAVI OLP-39 variants are the industry’s first wavelength selective Passive Optical Network (PON) power meter enhanced with TruePON data analysis for fast, simultaneous measurement of both G-PON and XGS-PON downstream power levels and loss in PON networks.

TruePON analysis leverages PON-ID information to ensure more right-first-time installations and to reduce fault-finding times.


Easy to use for technicians at any skill level, the SmartPocket V2 TruePON testers offer a dedicated and cost-optimized solution for testing, installing, and troubleshooting PON services in the field. The most compact dual-band TruePON testers in the market that fits perfectly in your pocket. 


Support migration to XGS-PON for high-speed 10G service deployment

  • Test multiple services coexisting on the same PON

  • Support for both G and XGS-PON measurement

  • Add XGS-PON support when needed - field upgradeable

Reduce fault escalations and troubleshooting expenses

  • Confirm customer connected to OLT port where service has been provisioned

  • Identify switched drop ports/cables caused by human error or poor/bad labeling

  • TruePON PON-ID data analysis for G and XGS-PON services

Minimise activation delays and meet targets for installs per day

  • Fast confirmation of correct drop terminal/drop fiber connection

  • Prevent ‘blind’ fault-finding with TruePON PON-ID data analysis

  • Avoid extra time/cost to reprovision service to alternate OLT port

Avoid install abandonments and early life failures due to borderline installs for both G and XGS-PON services

  • Avoid errors due to ‘no test’ approach or use of basic broadband power meter tools

  • Selective PON power measurement and TruePON data analysis

  • Measure power levels with precision and in-service network Insertion Loss.

Get the most from your investment with a tool designed for field work, high reliability, and ease of use

  • Long battery life and multiple powering options

  • IP44 rating, water and dirt protection, in a rugged pocket form factor

  • Clear display, simple user interface with softkeys

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