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FTTx networks bring the combined advantages of higher transmission rates and lower energy consumption. Moving optical fiber closer to the user allows the latest construction, connection, and transmission techniques to be leveraged to their fullest extent and diminishes the bottleneck potential of conventional coax. To make this feasible, skillful planning and execution must propagate all lifecycle phases.


We partner with you to ensure that your needs are understood and the right solutions are provided. 

Our experience, expertise, and product range enable you to speed up deployments, optimise your optical networks, monitor SLAs, and improve ROI.

Bringing innovation and automation to streamline the delivery, optimisation, and operation of FTTx services.


Test & Measurement

An elite partner with VIAVI Solutions we have the ability to ensure that you have access to world-class fiber turn up & installation, fiber monitoring, and fiber testing and certification solutions. 

FTTx Products

Throughout the planning, construction, activation, and maintenance of FTTx networks, test solutions that can accurately verify and monitor key service quality indicators have proven to be invaluable.


In addition to providing a powerful monitoring solution, the flexibility of ONMSi software can be utilized during planning and deployment to document fiber networks, manage network construction data and establish fiber optic test head locations.

Handheld fiber testing solutions designed for PON activation, maintenance, and troubleshooting are another central requirement for deployment. The SmartPocketV2 OLP-37XV2 is a wavelength selective PON power meter for performing downstream optical power level measurements on PON services, while the SmartPocket V2 OLP-39 is a TruePON tester that adds PON-ID analysis for both G and XGS-PON services, both support co-existence of services on the same PON. The SmartClass Fiber OLP-87 supports simultaneous upstream and downstream power measurement for PON network activation, while the SmartClass Fiber OLP-88 TruePON tester adds PON-ID analysis to verify correct OLT port and drop terminal connection. The Optimeter optical fiber meter performs selective PON downstream optical power measurements plus certification and troubleshooting of the last mile FTTx fiber link in less than a minute. This versatile equipment also integrates fiber inspection and end-face certification capabilities.

OTDR is another effective FTTx test method. The VIAVI 4100-Series OTDR module is a valuable tool throughout all FTTx network deployment phases. OTDR technology enables detailed fiber testing and characterization integral to FTTx and PON network certification. The system also includes an integrated light source and power meter for added flexibility. The 4100-Series OTDR module is compatible with the complete suite of T-BERD/MTS solutions, which collectively establish an industry-leading platform for FTTx testing, certification, and reporting.

Be assured solutions are accurately implemented 


With the Butler Technologies Academy Training College, you can be confident your network solutions are implemented with precision.


Beyond Testing

Custom solutions for each section of your business.

Our team of experts has access to a diverse range of products to ensure the best solutions for your requirements including and beyond testing. 

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