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Manage the 4G to 5G Transition

Service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and contractors need to successfully transition from a well-understood 4G environment to the open architecture and distributed elements that is 5G.


To cost-effectively and efficiently roll out 5G, they need to deepen their understanding of this myriad architecture and new technology, to ensure it works in perfect concert and implement a comprehensive test and measurement strategy as they build and deploy their networks.

This webinar explores 5G best practices by looking at steps taken to turn early commercial 5G launches into successes, particularly the strategies that enable successful validation of installs, testing, and verification of services in the field.

- Fronthaul evolution - How is 5G different?
- Importance of Antenna Alignment
- 4G/LTE and 5GNR – carriers and beams measurements
- Role of Fibre in RAN
- Workflow automation – How to simplify testing in the field

Red Professional Gradients University Ed
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