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Butler Technologies have been working with ESB for nearly twenty years in the supply and service of products for communications, engineering, and calibration.

Our objective is to provide world-class sales and support services by applying critical support solutions driven by your needs.


We are delighted to be able to present to you some unique product offerings for 2021.

Our specialist knowledge and experience, matched with our diverse, innovative product ranges, allow us to create tailored solutions that will

  • · Improve Workforce Effectiveness

  • · Improve Job Completion Rates

  • · Improve Cashflow

  • · Improve Service Levels



RF Services


CA5000 Portable Spectrum Analyser

Spectrum Clearance

Interference Detection

Real-Time Spectrum Analyser

LTE and 5G Beam Analysis

Portable, Ruggedised, Easy to use.

StrataSync Automated Report Generation. 



Accredited ISO17025

Our accreditation gives you the confidence that all electrical, RF, pressure, and temperature calibrations are carried out with defined procedures and established standards.


It also ensures that your calibration certificates and test results are recognised worldwide.

We have on-site capabilities and an online portal.

Contact us to learn more.

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