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Kelsius CoolCheck

Real-Time Digital Temperature Monitoring

CoolCheck by Kelsius is the market-leading automated temperature monitoring system for controlled storage and testing environments.


Quality Control

  • Protects product integrity


  • Reduces product/sample wastage


  • Real-time, web-based temperature monitoring system


  • Live data history available online


  • Removes time-consuming paper records

Manufactured in Ireland, the CoolCheck system complies with industry best practices for the safe storage of medicines & vaccines, blood, and lab samples.

The broad scope of applications includes fridges, freezers, incubators, water baths, liquid nitrogen tanks, oxygen, C02 amongst others.

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CoolCheck for Temperature Mapping

With the CoolCheck automated temperature monitoring system, users are empowered to carry out their own mapping activities, as and when required, in a cost-effective manner with little investment of their own time.

Pre-configured wireless mapping sensors are placed in cold storage areas for a defined period of time, reducing cost and time spent.

  • Cuts costs associated with third-party mapping

  • Minimal setup time

  • Mapping reports are available within 20 minutes of the mapping exercise completion

  • Access to reports anytime

  • Paperless archiving

  • An automatic record of door opening events.

Contact us to arrange a personalised consultation on your temperature monitoring requirements. 

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