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Reliable R&D, flight line, factory and return-to-service test solutions


VIAVI avionics test equipment is used to support the development, manufacture, test and maintenance of commercial and private airborne electronic systems. These innovative test solutions provide the critical data needed to ensure a safe flying environment, with the quality and performance you have come to expect from VIAVI.


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AVX-10K Flight Line Test Set

Performance verification testing of critical airborne systems from a single device


The AVX-10K is a comprehensive flight line test solution providing today’s Avionics Technician with an easy-to-use instrument for many maintenance needs. From a quick airborne system auto-test to an in-depth troubleshooting tool, testing can conveniently be done around the aircraft or in the cockpit from the touchscreen display or using your mobile device.

Easy set-up, quick testing, and reporting transferable via USB, Ethernet, and wireless all done from a modern user interface, or the VIAVI Solutions Mobile Tech App.

Building on nearly 50 years of providing superior avionics test sets, the AVX-10K is a compact, durable tester capable of providing a wide range of quick airborne system auto-tests and in-depth troubleshooting using software-specific applications.

ALT-9000 Radio Altimeter Test Set

Quickly test or troubleshoot all types of radio altimeter test systems


The ALT-9000 provides altitude simulations with true RF time delay and path loss models to test any format of radio altimeter system including Low Probability of Intercept (LPI), Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter (CARA) & Next Generation variants.

The graphical touch screen interface provides intuitive controls and display of parametric measurements including:

  • TX Power

  • TX Frequency*

  • FM Deviation*

  • Sweep Rate*

  • Pulse Width*

  • PRF*