Antenna Alignment Tool

3Z RF Vision is an innovative antenna alignment tool that helps users to easily perform accurate antenna alignment on panel and microwave point-to-point antennas. 

With its compact size, rugged design, user-friendly GUI, unique reporting capabilities, and integrated camera, 3Z RF Vision has paved the future for antenna alignment.

  • Built-in Camera

  • Bullseye Target Alignment with Augmented Reality 

  • Dual Frequency GNSS Technology - GPS and GLONASS

  • Automated Closeout Reports 

    • PDF or CSV reports include the target coordinates and the final measured alignment data, site sector identifiers, geocoding, geolocation, date and time stamp, and line-of-sight photo validation.​

  • Weather and impact resistant

  • Sunlight-readable screen

  • Small, rugged design for increased portability

  • Accurately align directional antennas (panel, microwave, and cylindrical/stealth antennas)

  • Generate reliable and automated line-of-sight surveys

  • Match antenna alignment with RF design

  • Maximize voice quality and data traffic

  • Improve data user throughput & KPIs

  • Reduce churn

  • Reduce OPEX

Talk to our team to learn more about how the 3Z Antenna Alignment tool can protect against coverage gaps, network performance degradation, and loss of revenue.